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Aerial view of the Entrance to Baie Fine looking south east, from Quartz Rock on McGregor point on the north shore. Okeechobee Lodge (currently not operating) is located on the south shore point, and Casson Peak on Frazer Bay Hill in the large hill in the center of the frame. There are currently seven navigational buoys marking the passage through this entrance around several submerged shoals, and into the bay. The channel runs along the north shore at the entrance, opposite the lodge, then runs diagonally across to the south shore, where it hugs the sheer rock face, and narrows around several shoals. It then runs diagonally across the bay again to the north shore, and boaters are advised to stay to the north side of the bay till they almost reach the entrance to the Second Narrows. Navigation through the entrance area must be done with caution as the channel through the submerged rocks is very narrow, and frequently very busy with marine traffic. G.P.S. does not function in the narrow channel due to the rock walls of the shore obscuring the satellite signals.