Baie Fine Photo Gallery

Located on the western edge of the Killarney Provincial Park, Baie Fine is a scenic 7 mile east-west running freshwater fjord that is a very popular destination for countless hundreds of recreational boaters every summer. Its shores are lined with a continuous range of white quartzite hills of the South LaCloche Range that can rise to 800 feet above the shore. The Second Narrows, at the north east foot of the bay, is a 2 mile long narrow passage that leads to The Pool. The Pool is possibly one of the most scenic anchorages in all of the Great Lakes, and has been visited by yachts from all over the world. These photos will give you a glimpse of the spectacular and unspoiled majesty of this area, just one small corner of the beautiful North Channel. Click on a thumbnail to see a larger version and description of each image.They have been converted to low resolution JPEG format for fast loading.