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Many of the marks and ranges on the Bay are absolutely critical for navigation
NCPS Supporter, Collingwood


December, 1997

I wish to be recorded as formally opposing the removal of navigational aides in the great Lakes, especially in the more difficult to navigate areas of Georgian Bay. I realize that there may be some markers that are redundant and it may be possible to remove them, but many of the marks and ranges on the Bay are absolutely critical for navigation. GPS, even without Selective Availability is not suitable for the small craft route. No sound sailor would navigate directly into a harbor on GPS alone and not check the approach markers to confirm his position.

Some navigational aides such as RDF have become obsolete, but the basic navigational aides such as marks and ranges, their positions on maps and in piloting manuals have evolved decade after decade to their current level. They are useful, they are used, and they are still required to safely navigate the Great Lakes.

How is it possible that the Canadian Government, and the Canadian Coast Guard can allow the disassembly of our navigational infrastructure, and expect GPS, a system operated by the American Department of Defense to be relied upon almost exclusively by Canadian boaters. As wonderfully useful as GPS is, the American Department of Defense controls the system for its own purposes. Although it is widely used by civilians, GPS is not intended or financed for civilian use. In the event of a catastrophe, or war, GPS can not be relied upon regardless of Selective Availability. How can a sovereign country abandon it’s own navigability of it’s seaways and rely on another country’s military satellite navigation system for it’s own waterways?
I use GPS whenever I’m out on the water. However, it is irresponsible for the Government to allow it to become a boater’s only navigational tool.

NCPS Supporter, Collingwood

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