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About the Society

The NCPS was founded in 1984, and eventually incorporated in 1987 as a response to a plan to quarry the silica rich quartzite hills of the south shore (Casson Peak) of Baie Fine. The campaign lasted some six years, and enlisted the assistance of the Great Lakes Cruising Club, Sudbury Power Squadron, local tourist, marine, municipal, and cottaging associations, the National Indian Brotherhood as well as the local First Nations, and the sole surviving member of the Group of Seven, A.J. Casson.

In July of 1990 Falconbridge Mines, the holder of all mining claims to the site, in an act displaying an extreme sense of environmental responsibility and sensitivity, voluntarily withdrew their claims on the grounds that no government would issue any further claims in the future. Please visit our PAST CAMPAIGNS AND HISTORY

Though the NCPS is active, we are not currently involved in any specific campaigns or initiatives at the moment, or soliciting funds. Of course that can always change as challenges arise, so
we maintain the website, and endeavor to communicate with our supporters when need be.

The society has no dues, or formal membership, but we do maintain a list of supporters, including individuals such as yourself, other groups or associations, businesses, etc., that we can call upon for assistance when the need arises. All that is required is an expression of support from someone, and a desire to be included if called upon in the future.
Visit the History Page to view the serigraph print of A.J. Casson’s famous “Baie Fine Entrance”, and read how many individuals working together can make a difference.

NCPS Congratulates the LaCloche Mountains Preservation Society

“Vale has responded favourably to the petition presented by the Village of Willisville and the La Cloche Mountains Preservation Society. Vale has removed Willisville Mountain, and the areas north named B, C and D, from their aggregate licence #20568.Willisville Mountain will now be preserved for generations to come!
This is a historic day for Canada, the La Cloche area, Willisville Mountain and the village of Willisville. Vale must be sincerely congratulated for their move to preserve the Willisville Mountain area for our future generations who will enjoy the beauty and spirituality of our area.”
-Jon Butler President La Cloche Mountains Preservation Society

The Society is proud to have recently been a contributor to this new book written by artist, historian and scholar Margaret Derry.

From the Poplar Lane Press site:

“A book that addresses the beauty and historical significance of northern Georgian Bay. People who have experienced, or may plan to travel through the coastal islands and North Channel, visit eastern Manitoulin, the village of Killarney or explore Killarney Park will be interested in learning about the richness of its history. The many lovers of Georgian Bay will enjoy reading this story that in many ways reflects patterns evident in the opening up of Canada. ”

Purchase: available April, 2007 via the Poplar Lane Press website as well as at independent bookstores and gift shops around Georgian Bay

Visiting the North Channel

Planning a trip to the North Channel area? Take the time to visit the many websites listed on our Links page for helpful information.

The Georgian Bay Land Trust

The North Channel preservation Society is proud to be a partner of the Georgian Bay Land Trust (GBLT).

Baie Fine Photo Gallery

Located on the western edge of the Killarney Provincial Park, this scenic seven mile long freshwater fjord has been a popular destination for cruising boaters for decades. Take a virtual tour of the bay, visit it’s scenic anchorages, including The Pool, and even see what the area looks like in winter.